Yoga for Health and Health for Spiritual wealth. (since 1977)
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- Life profile

Thirty years of rich experience in the training, treatment and research in Yoga.
Rich spiritual heritage from his father, the Late Maharshi Nyayaratna Vinod, who was a great Spiritual Master, who traveled the world over as the 'World Peace Ambassador'.

She is working as freelance Wildlife Photographer since 2013 and at present has dedicated to year-round study of flora and fauna of Kas Plateau (a world nature heritage site).

She was working as a Psychotherapist from 2001 till 2014 end.
Dr. Rujuta conducted training courses for both psychologists and non-psychologists.

Dr. Vinod Yoga Clinic

Our foundation

Heritage of 100 years (
We share Raj-Yoga - the original Spiritual Science of Yoga and not the Hatha Yoga, which is more of physical hardship.
Yoga is a holistic way of living in moment-to-moment awareness and not a religion, cult, black magic or panacea.

Yoga Training

· We call it a "Training" when we share/teach science of Raj-Yoga to the "physically healthy persons" under the age of 40 years.
· The design of training is decided and shared with you.
· This training starts with Shavasan-Meditation

Yoga Therapy

· We don't meet you as a patient of a "disease". we meet you as a whole unique individual that you are.
· We take into account your personality, age, sex, education, occupation, family life, his/her interests etc.
· We are interested in knowing why and how you have decided to approach us at this particular juncture of your life.

Recognition of our work:

1) 1987-1988
For the 'Third world conference on Yoga and Ayurveda' which is planned to be held in June 1989, the MVRF has been selected in the advisory body as well as in the research committee.


September 2008

The 'Atmabodh Sadhana' program was launched With the intention of keeping the spiritual tradition of Maharashi Vinod alive in contemporary times. 25 specially selected sadhaks will take part in this program and Guruji Dr. Vinod will lead the program.

9 secrets of successful mediation:

First publication: 2002
Watkins Publishing, London
Current edition: First Indian Edition 2004, New Age Books.
Price - Rs. 195/-

विनोदगुरुजींच्या कार्याविषयी माहिती

१९७५ पासून सतत कार्यरत असणार्‍या विनोदगुरुजीच्या अनेक पैलूंविषयी माहिती देत आहोत.

शिक्षण: एम.बी.बी.एस., एम.डी.,पी.एच.डी.,डी.एस्सी. (ए.एम.)

- विश्वविख्यात स्व. महर्षि न्यायरत्न विनोद व संस्कृतपंडिता स्व.मैत्रेयी विनोद यांचे कनिष्ठ चिरंजीव. अध्यात्माचा समृध्द कौटुंबिक वारसा. हिमालयात प्रदीर्घ वास्तव्य, सखोल योगसाधना व निर्विकल्प समाधीची प्रत्यक्ष अनुभूती.