Recognition of our work

Recognition of our work

Recognition of our work:

1) 1987-1988
For the 'Third world conference on Yoga and Ayurveda' which is planned to be held in June 1989, the MVRF has been selected in the advisory body as well as in the research committee.

2) 1987-1988
The institute has been registered under 'Foreign Contribution Regulation Act' with the Government of India and hence now allowed to receive donation from the foreign countries.
3) 1987-1988
The Department of Higher Education has recognized the MVRF as a Research and Cultural Institute.

4) 1987-1988
During the last year the following dignitaries visited the institute and expressed their satisfaction on the institute's functioning.
1) Dr. P S Palande Former Municipal Commissioner
2) Dr. Sharachandra Gokhale Editor Kesari
3) Mr. Prataprao Pawar Managing Director, Sakal
4) Mr. Ram Belwadi Retd. Commissioner Prison.
5) Mr. Avinash Varadekar, Industrialist
6) Anil Pawar Associate Director Sports and Youth Service
7) Mr. V P Rane Former District Collector, Pune
8) T K Modi Commissioner Pune Region
9) Bal J Pandit, Cricketer and Commentator
10) Dnyaneshwar Agashe, Industrialist and Cricketer
11) Shukla G S Vice President, Finance Ministry.
12) Dr. P L Gawade, Educationist
13) Dr. Vijay Nakhatu
14) Mr. Sardana
15) Mr. Molambi
16) Dr. Subhash Ranade Specialist, Ayurveda, Professor
17) Dr. Suhas Parchure, Dean, Department of Ayurveda, Pune University
18) Mr. Vikas Valunjkar, Reporter, Loksatta, Pune
19) Mr. Babasaheb Purandare, Shivashahir   

(3) 1988-1989
During this year the following dignitaries visited the institute and expressed their satisfaction on the institute's functioning.
1) Mr. Shrivastava, Director, Co-Operative Department, Maharashtra State
2) Mr. Vankhede, Circle Officer, Baramati.
3) Ankushrao Kakade, Mayor, Pune Municipal Corporation.
4) Sripad Wagh, Editor, Maharashtra Herald.
5) Mr. Unde Associate Director, Ministry of Health Services.
6) Mr. Singh, Director, Sports and Youth Services Maharashtra State.  

Based on the report submitted by the committee of experts who visited the MVRF to study the training activity and research projects undertaken, Pune university granted the recognition to the MVRF as a Research Institute in the Field of Yoga

Delhi based 'Shankara Foundation' a charitable institute nominated the MVRF as its associate institute. Dr. Samprasad Vinod was appointed as an advisor on the advisory board of 'Shankara Foundation'
Dr. Samprasad Vinod has been appointed as a member of yoga section of the Pedagogy Department of the Pune University.

Dr. Lenz who is the Managing Director of one of the big institutes in Germany visited the MVRF with Dr. Subhash Ranade on Jan 18, 1993 and praised the work being done by the MVRF.

As per an official communique received from 'International University for Complementary Medicine'  on 27 Jun 1995, a degree 'Doctor of Science' has been conferred on Dr. Samprasad Vinod

In the August issue of 'Yogataranga' published from Thane, an article written by Dr. Sudhir Mondakar on Dr. Samprasad Vinod and the MVRF appeared

On Jul 15, 1996, India International Friendship Society' a well-known institute from New Delhi conferred 'Vijayashree' award on Dr. Samprasad Vinod at the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi. This award which is given every year to the dignitaries who have made significant contribution in the field of Education, Industry, Medical Science, Social Work etc. So far, luminaries like Mother Teresa, the ex-Vice President B D Jatti, internationally renowned cardiologist Dr. B K Goel, Amjad Ali Khan, Dev Anand, Sunil Datt Sunil Gavasakar are the recipients of this award.

On Aug 15, 1996 -independence day- Dr. Samprasad Vinod was felicitated by Kamal Vyavahare, Mayor, Pune  on the behalf of Pune Municipal Corporation for his contribution in the field of yoga and for winning the 'Vijayshri Award'. The dignitaries like ex-mayor Chandrakant Chhajed, Abhay Chhajed, President, Sthayi Samiti, Deputy Mayor Ramesh Khanna, Mrs Dhole-Patil, Municipal Commissioner Ramakant Jha were present on the dais. The vote of thanks on the behalf of felicitated person were proposed by Dr. Sudhakar Rashingkar and Dr. Samprasad Vinod     

On Aug 20, 2000, in Ravivar Sakal, in the section Pustak Parichay (Introduction to a Book) a review of the book 'Spandan' (Pulse) under the heading 'Useful for Parents'  written by Dr. Ulhas Luktuke who is a well-known psychiatrist from Pune got published.

The Dr. Samprasad Vinod has been conferred the honourable membership of two well known international yoga institutes Yoga Therapy Ireland & Yoga Fellowship of Northern Ireland.
The news of appointment of the Dr. Samprasad Vinod as a honourable member of Irish Yoga Institute appeared in the following newspapers.
Indian Express Apr 07, 2002
Loksatta Apr 07, 2002
Sakal Apr 10, 2002
Lokmat Apr 10, 2002
The Times Of India  Apr 23, 2002

In 'Yuva Sakal' dated May 8, 2002, Wednesday, the photograph of Dr Vinod appeared in General Knowledge section 'Lock Kiya Jaye' which is in the form of questions and answers. Against the question whose photograph is this? Dr. Vinod's photograph got published.

In the July issue of 'Thane Yogataranga' an article 'Yoga and Positive Attitude' written in the series 'Shodh Ani Bodh' (Discover and Learn) by Dr. Makarand Gore got published. In this article he has given reference of experiments conducted by Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod and Dr. Samprasad Vinod while imparting yoga training to students

In the Education Times supplement of TOI a review written by Subroto Roy on the Dr. Samprasad Vinod's book 'Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation' got published.

28 05 2003
On May 28, 03, the Dr. Samprasad Vinod met the president Abdul Kalam at Rajbhavan. The president had read the book written by the managing secretary '9 Secrets of Successful Meditation'. The Managing Secretary has been invited to New Delhi to discuss about the work being done by MVRF

Entrepreneur and sadhaka Shri Nitin Shah, who regularly comes to MVRF to do Yogabhyasa had been suffering from kidney disorder for a long time. Because of proper medical treatment and yoga therapy he is now completely cured from this disorder. To benefit all the patients of kidney disorder and common man, he has published a small booklet describing symptoms of kidney disorder, remedies and therapies. Shri Shah has mentioned the name of Dr. Vinod as his yoga teacher.

Between 5-8 Feb 2004, on SSPMS ground Health and Beauty Festival was arranged by daily Sakal and Maharashtra Herald. On the background of this event, an article 'Punyachi Yogvidya' (The art of yoga in Pune ) got published on Feb 6, 04 in daily Sakal(?). In this article the journalist Dharitri Joshi introduced readers to many aspects of MVRF like how Dr Vinod after becoming a medical practitioner also started using yoga as a therapy, how shastrasiddha yogopachar satre
( Sessions of scientific yoga therapies ) were organised, how MVRF operates and its peculiarity in teaching Aasanas. In this article apart from MVRF, two other schools of yoga-Iynegar who was the disciple of Krishamacharya and Swami Kuvalayanand were also introduced.

Chatura', the special supplement of Loksatta, completed five years of its existence on Jul 30, 04. On this occasion an exhibition of portraits, 'Chaturastra Chatura', (Working Women with Multi-dimensional Personalities) of  women renowned in different fields of life was arranged in the arts gallery of Yashwantrao Chavan auditorium. This was a novel way to honour the women who had made substantial contribution in their field of working. In this exhibition, Dr Rujuta Vinod's portrait was included in recognition of her contribution in the field of yoga. There were portraits of other luminaries like Renuka Shahane, Vandana Gupte, Amrutanandmayi Mata, Deepti Chadhury, Dr Hema Purandare in the exhibition. All these portraits had been painted by painter Jagadish Chafekar 

Dr. Sardesai reviewed the book 'Yoga Ani Mana (Yoga and Mind ) in the 'Family Doctor' supplement of Sakal on Oct 8, 04. Dr. Sardesai is an advisor to this special supplement of 'Sakal'.

As per the request of Dr. Swami Mangaltirtham, who is the founder of 'Nootan Sanjeevan Sansthan', Daboorgram, Zarkhand, the Dr. Samprasad Vinod was appointed as an honorary advisor at the institute's 'Holistic Traditional Healing Centre'.

Dr. S G Bapat's review on the book 'Yoga Ani Mana' (Yoga and Mind ) written by the Dr. Samprasad Vinod appeared in daily 'Kesari' on Dec26, 2004

Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Vilas Deshmukh sent a letter congratulating Dr. Vinod and Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod on their dedicated work in the field of Yoga.

On 17th April 2008, Dr Vinod met the vice chancellor of Pune Universiy, Dr. Narendra Jadhav. He apprised Mr Jadhav about the various activities in progress at Shanti Mandir.


On Jul 08,2009, Dainik Lokmat published a laudatory article written by Dr. K H Sancheti on Dr. Samprasad Vinod on the occasion of his 60th birthday. This article was very well received and many people called MVRF and congratulated Dr. Vinod.


On 20th September, Dr. Vinod was appointed as the honorable member of the scientific research committee of a reputed organization as a tribute to his original and genuine contribution to the field of Yoga and to reward the current social significance of his work. This organization is known for its international and interdisciplinary research in Yoga. It was established with the prime initiative of Mr. Predrag Nikik, a professor, researcher and Yoga expert. With the help of this membership, Dr. Vinod plans to implement classical Indian methodology in Yoga research. He has received a letter regarding this membership on 5th June 2010. The certificate will reach till October 2010.


Dr. Samprasad Vinod was selected as honorary member on the research committee on yoga formed at International society for interdisciplinary yoga research, Belgrade, Serbia. The news along with photos was published in newspapers Lokmat, Kesari(8th March 2011), Sakal, Maharashtra times(10th March 2011), Loksatta(11th March 2011) and Prabhat(16th March 2011). This decision of his selection was made in the top level meeting headed by Dr. Predag Nikki, professor at Belgrade University and founder and director of International society for interdisciplinary yoga research, Belgrade, Serbia. The decision was made considering Dr. Vinod’s contribution in last 30 years in various forms such as his work, deep research, applying holistic yoga therapy to thousands of people, classical yoga teachings and importance of his work in modern days. He was also selected on scientific committee of International Yoga Conference on 11-12 August 2011.