Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod

Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod

She is working as freelance Wildlife Photographer since 2013 and at present has dedicated to year-round study of flora and fauna of Kas Plateau (a world nature heritage site).

She was working as a Psychotherapist from 2001 till 2014 end.
Dr. Rujuta conducted training courses for both psychologists and non-psychologists.

She worked as Yoga therapist and yoga trainer and research director (1984 till 2002) Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation.

She has done a pioneer research in "whole Brain Thinking" on gifted persons. (Jnana Prabodhini) 1989-1995.

She was involved in deep study of nature - evolution, ecology, conservation in addition to on field experience in Indian national parks and reserves and wetlands. (1995-1999). She has continued her interest independently.

She worked as online psychotherapist since 2007.

She has authored 4 hard books, 60 e-books.
Her e-books are kept for sell on http://www.bookganga.com/eBooks/Books?BookSearchTags=Rujuta+Vinod+public...

She has drawn and painted 80 pictures.

She has launched and maintained 7 websites, 5 blogs.

She has organized school and medical college reunions.

She is connecting with people thru facebook and twitter.

She has worked as group counselor to youth groups (1984 till 1995).

She is a disciple of Sadguru Gondawalekar Maharaj.

She has been doing a deep study of Indian spiritual science since 2004.